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3D Airplanes

3D Airplanes
3D plane Simulator & Models(FMS)
Electric Variable Pitch Prop
Lipoly Battery pack & Chargers

Check out Quique's new E-flite Yak 54F based upon his larger 72" version. Quique has designed and implemented a rigid new A-Frame designed fuselage for strength and more precise flying.
Yak 54f
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George Hicks, aerodynamicist and designer of the Tribute, says:

"The real innovation is that the Tribute is the first 3D aerobatic electric airplane properly sized for today’s micro RC equipment and the foamy that started the indoor 3D craze. Most electric designs simply weighed too much and were grossly underpowered. The concept of using thin flat foam with embedded composite stiffeners is the best possible solution for strength, durability and, most importantly, low Reynolds number aerodynamics."

E-Flite Tribute3D
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George Hicks, aerodynamicist and designer of the Ultimate says:
"The Ultimate’s interlocked wing configuration makes it inherently stiffer than comparable monoplane designs. The shorter wingspan reduces roll damping without robbing you of wing area, thus making it highly aerobatic, while still maintaining a light wing loading."

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Engineered by the best in the business, the Tensor's side force generators provide the necessary lift and low angles of side-slip to excel at slow knife-edge flight.
Tensor 4D
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